Abcd PDF-Hide PDF Content Method

How to hide PDF contentPDF? The document format is printed and circulated, the text is clear, and the typesetting is not prone to misplacement. It is an ideal electronic document format. Many enterprise and individual users do not want others to see some PDF documents containing sensitive content. The following introduces the method for setting a protection password for PDF.

Why set a password to protect PDF files?

After setting a password to protect a PDF file, it can be circulated among those who know the password. Especially for some companies related to technology research and development, it is impossible for all employees to directly access or copy some private documents, so it is necessary to set a protection lock for the files. The following describes how to set the file password using the Abcd PDF platform.

How to hide PDF content?

Step1, visit AbcdPDF.COM official website, select "Protect PDF" tool.

Abcd PDF Converter Tools

Step2, upload the local PDF file, and enter the password you want to set in the right menu, and then click "Conert".

PDF Tool

Step3, select download in the jumped page and save it locally. After completing this step, the PDF document is locked, and only people who know the password can open the file.

PDF Tool

Abcd PDF-how to unlock?

Step1, first visit AbcdPDF.COM home page, select "Unlock PDF" tool.

Unlock PDF Tool

Step2, select the PDF file with the password set before, and enter the protection password set before in the window on the right side of the page, which needs to be output twice. It should be noted here that it is necessary to distinguish the PDF file with a password from the original file without a password. It is recommended to mark the original file without a password when setting the protection lock to avoid confusion.

Protect PDF

After outputting the password, the store owner Convert can access the PDF document and browse the contents freely.

PDF editor online function

In addition to supporting the conversion, compression, and signing of common formats, the online editing function of Abcd PDF online editor is worth trying, and the platform has been announced to be free forever.

View and edit:

  • Split PDF
  • Merge PDFs

Sign and Safety

  • Sign PDF
  • Protect PDF
  • Unlock PDF

Online Office

  • Word Editor
  • Word Viewer
  • Word Create
  • Excel Editor
  • Excel Viewer
  • Excel Create
  • PPT Editor
  • Powerpoint Viewer
  • PPT Create

Document conversion features:

  1. PDF to Word
  2. PDF to Excel
  3. PDF to PPT
  4. PDF to JPG
  5. PDF to PNG
  6. PDF to HTML

Annotation Review Features:

Notes: PDF editor open , use the Commenting (Stroke) tool at the top of the Word editing bar.

Sign: PDF on the homepage of Abcd PDF platform to sign documents online through electronic signature.

Review: Open the PDF editor and click on the left sidebar to easily select the page to review the content.


How to hide PDF contentPDF? The above share for you the method of using the online free platform Abcd PDF to set password protection. The advantage of using this platform tool to set password lock is that it is safe, efficient, free, and does not need to download plug-ins. All editors on the Abcd PDF platform are performed in the browser, which is connected to its own efficient algorithm server for processing, and does not retain any user data. It is the best solution for users who want to lock PDF files.

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